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Cyber Security Escape Room wins hearts and minds at ITV

ITV colleagues are engaged and entertained by VIVIDA’s immersive Cyber Security Escape Room, improving outcomes and taking learning beyond compliance. ITV colleagues are engaged and entertained by VIVIDA’s immersive Cyber Security Escape Room, improving outcomes and taking learning beyond compliance.

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A black background with LED lights, highlighting the words ‘EMMERDALE14’ and ‘ESTIMATED TIME: 3 YEARS’. In the bottom left of the screen is a ‘score’ section and bottom right is the ITV logo and the words ‘see more, reveal less’.

The background

Broadcaster, streamer and studio production business, ITV is renowned globally for its excellent content and operates the largest family of free‑to‑air commercial television channels in the UK. Like all businesses, it is conscientious in its efforts to ensure all colleagues are well-engaged with an innovative programme of workplace learning initiatives. VIVIDA already had a relationship with ITV and had been providing mandatory cyber security training modules for some time. However, such business-critical subjects require a ‘drumbeat’ of learning to keep risk issues up to date and the subject at the front of colleagues’ minds.


The challenge

ITV’s Cyber Security Awareness Manager, Emily Baddeley, was keen to take learning in a new and creative direction that would introduce key issues around digital safety in a way that truly resonates with a business full of storytellers and digital innovators. So, to bring VIVIDA’s Cyber Security Escape Room to ITV, there needed to be an exciting creative collaboration, matching the reference points and familiar faces of the ITV stable with the core concerns of their cyber security team. In this respect, it made absolute sense to partner with VIVIDA, a company who matches the skills and values of ITV’s people. 

The work

The team formed working groups with ITV’s in-house creative teams, finding ways to combine the personality of VIVIDA’s Cyber Escape Room with that of ITV, weaving it into the experience. For example, participants in the experience unexpectedly hear the familiar voice of their ITV continuity announcer throughout, which entertains, reassures and gives colleagues a sense that this experience is uniquely theirs. Together the teams were able to bring educational storytelling to an interactive and immersive setting in a truly engaging way. Between this, the already effective mandatory training and future projects, VIVIDA have formed a suite of educational solutions, specifically for ITV. 

From a technical perspective, all of VIVIDA’s files must operate on ITV’s standard infrastructure, and the team work closely with ITV’s IT teams to achieve this. It is perhaps the first such integration of its kind for any organisation, as the assets encompass ‘spherical’ learning files which create a fully interactive and immersive 3D audio and video.


The results

While the overall aim was to drive home the essential lessons of organisational digital safety through a piece of work that people at ITV actively want to participate in, this collaboration also succeeded in creating a space where ITV culture was fully represented and recognisable. As a result, attitudes towards cyber security have become more positive overall and colleagues now view Emily’s team as approachable and valuable. This, in turn, has fostered a new level of critical communication between all parties.

Surveys also played an important role in understanding knowledge gaps and gaining feedback and data gained by VIVIDA early on helped Emily and her team to understand the current risk climate within awareness and training, and allowed them to make actionable and informed decisions. It was also excellent to discover that every colleague surveyed about mandatory training said they prefer to learn through the gamified means created by VIVIDA.


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