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VIVIDA powers new cyber security mindsets at AICS

NCSC Bahrain sought to win hearts and minds at the Arab International Cybersecurity Summit and VIVIDA's Cyber Escape Room helped them steal the show.

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    The National Cyber Security Centre, Bahrain

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    Cyber Escape Room

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    Cyber Security

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The brightly lit, blue-carpeted exhibition hall of the Arab International Cybersecurity Summit. There are people milling around wearing a mixture of traditional middle-eastern dress and western attire. In the centre is the NCSC stand, with four pillars holding a circular ceiling. Underneath are people sitting in front of a screen.

The Background

Ahead of the Arab International Cybersecurity Summit, the largest convention of its kind in the region, the National Cyber Security Centre of Bahrain (NCSC) was grappling with how to quickly and effectively engage a diverse audience on cyber security in a “gamified and accessible” way.

The company’s CEO, Shaikh Salman bin Mohammed bin Abdulla Al Khalifa, discovered VIVIDA during an international conference, kickstarting a series of events which led to the adoption of VIVIDA’s experiential learning platform for the event. The NCSC Outreach & Awareness Directorate were introduced to VIVIDA’s Cyber Escape Room through immersive demos and a proof of concept, and were suitably impressed. They could easily see its potential for this important awareness-raising event.


The challenge

The goal was simple. The NCSC would be taking a booth at the summit and using it to raise awareness of cyber security issues. This dedicated space required a realistic and relatable experience to emphasise the importance of cyber security. However, in order to create such an experience, the NCSC also required additional resources and expertise. Because they were not only seeking to engage their audience, but communicate the importance of cyber security from an educational perspective too. NCSC sought to alter attitudes and behaviours towards cyber security and ensure their message would resonate with the broad scale of attendees at the summit. This would include students and IT professionals alike.

The work

Bringing VIVIDA’s Cyber Escape Room to the Arab International Cybersecurity Summit was a first for the event, which had never before hosted a gamified cyber security awareness solution. Especially one which appeals to such a varied audience. 

The high quality visuals, immersive storyline, interactive gameplay, and real-world scenarios support the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills, making learning new cyber security skills engaging and memorable. The innovative and unique nature of this experience helped the NCSC booth stand out and attract plenty of visitors.

The product’s collaborative and interactive elements also promote teamwork and communication, which in turn fosters a more cohesive and supportive cyber security culture. Sadly, this is an event where attendee metrics are not readily available, however, we were able to use the platform’s built-in analytics and insights features to track satisfaction, as well as identify areas of strength and weakness in cyber security among participants.


The results

We were able to accurately report increased engagement and understanding of cyber security issues, particularly among the younger attendees and high school students, who resonated well with the gamified experience. This demographic is an important foundation from which to spread awareness and can facilitate a better understanding of enterprise-level cyber security threats in the future.

Participant feedback was extremely positive, with many appreciating an informative and engaging experience which also clearly communicates the importance of cyber security. Moreover, the focus on interactivity “fostered a culture of teamwork and communication among participants, resulting in a notable improvement in overall cybersecurity awareness”.

An attitude shift was also witnessed as attendees demonstrated a shared responsibility of maintaining cyber security, irrespective of their technical knowledge. Consequently, many attendees reported they were “more likely to take cybersecurity seriously” after experiencing VIVIDA’s Cyber Escape Room.

NCSC Bahrain praised VIVIDA for providing a unique and innovative solution that excelled in achieving their goals. It caught the attention of visitors, and created an environment which changed attitudes and behaviours towards cyber security awareness through engaging, informative and effective content and storytelling.


“Impressed by the game’s ability to simulate real-world cybersecurity scenarios and challenges in a fun and engaging way.”


Outreach & Awareness Directorate

National Cyber Security Centre of Bahrain


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