About Us

Our Manifesto

These values are a guide for our team as we create, work with customers and collaborate with partners.

We pledge…

We vow to never be boring, never be dull

because we want to shock, excite and engage our audience. We want to get people out of their chairs, not slumped back into them.

We believe training should stimulate as many senses as possible

because people remember an experience much more if they can feel them, hear them, see them, and live them, not just click through them.

We believe in the strength of community.

People, companies and ideas need to come together to incite real change, and individual acts – although often great – rarely solve larger problems when done in isolation.

Storytelling is at the heart of everything we do

because when topics are wrapped in a story, they instantly become easier to relate to and understand.

We will always be creative

because any subject – no matter how complex or difficult – can be broken down and made easier to understand if we think about them creatively.

We believe there is room for everyone in technical industries

because subject matter expertise can only get you so far. We are a tech company that employs designers, scriptwriters, voice artists and camera-people, as well as cybersecurity experts, engineers, tech wizards and diversity champions. They all play a role in telling our story, and we are better for it.

We will always champion diversity

whether that be diversity of ethnicity, gender, sexuality or neurodiverse thought, because we believe that inviting people of all backgrounds into a project makes it richer and more appealing to a wider audience. Industries must reflect the community they are designed to serve.

We demand curiosity,

because we believe that people should never stop learning, but that learning should be an experience.

We will always innovate.

The use of new tech and new techniques is vital to our business. It is never enough to use Clipart and PowerPoint – we want to be different and better than our competitors.

This embodies VIVIDA as a company. This is what we demand of our work, our staff and our clients. We want change, we encourage difference, and it shows in everything we do.

Our team are passionate and dedicated to helping to push a real change. Our clients aren’t the regular HR or security managers – they are the gamechangers that are tired of using the same, ineffectual learning methods.

- Simeon Quarrie, Founder, VIVIDA