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Revolutionising diversity & inclusivity team training sessions to eliminate workplace microaggressions and change negative behaviours

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Making the world a better place,
one team at a time

57% of employees think their companies should be more diverse

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More than ever before,
we are seeing the importance of
diversity play out in our everyday lives

Effective diversity, equity, and inclusion training will reduce workplace harassment, prevent cultural insensitivity, address prejudice and will promote acceptance & innovative thinking.

VIVIDA does this in a way that is both eye-opening and memorable. Inspire your team through real-life experiences,
not boring lectures.

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Walk a mile ‘In Their Shoes’

Empowering change through real-life stories

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VIVIDA’s “In Their Shoes” training session offers a departure from conventional e-learning by providing immersive and experiential learning opportunities that draw from real, compelling stories to foster empathy and understanding. Our innovative approach empowers your team to forge connections and promote real cultural change within your organisation.

After finishing the course, you will be able to:

  • Improve team collaboration and understanding
  • Create a more inclusive and diverse work environment
  • Use insight to develop actionable plans for addressing cultural differences
  • Increase employee engagement and retention

What you will learn

After completing the training session, you will be able to…

Communicate with confidence

The organisation will establish efficient communication channels with colleagues and clients, resulting in enhanced 
knowledge-sharing and mutual understanding. This will 
promote effective communication both within and outside the organisation, bridging the gap between different departments.

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Celebrate excellence

By celebrating the achievements of Black and ethnic minority staff, everyone in the organisation will promote a diverse culture and increase the visibility of underrepresented groups, ultimately leading to increased rates of staff retention.

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Understand cultural differences

By understanding different perspectives, your organisation can foster a more inclusive environment that values and embraces different viewpoints and cultures. Staff members can share their cultural differences, promoting individuality and mutual understanding in the workplace.

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Become a stronger team

Effective cohesion among diverse teams within a company can have a significant impact on employees’ growth, productivity, and innovation, which in turn can enhance the business’ overall performance. When team members feel a strong interpersonal bond, they are more likely to readily participate, execute, and implement new ideas with a sense of unity and shared purpose, rather than viewing things as “us” vs. “them.”

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Walk a mile ‘in their shoes’

VIVIDA makes diversity training
unforgettable - so it sticks

Champion diversity

VIVIDA breaks down barriers by helping people understand others’ diverse backgrounds, cultures, and viewpoints. Help your team empathise through stories as humans rather than through dull lectures or mandatory classes.

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Inspire change

The 'In Their Shoes' initiative inspires cultural change by providing organisations with unforgettable interactive scenarios based on real lived experiences.

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Pick what works best
for your team

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Escape rooms, interactive stories, training modules, all customised to you. Select your own presenter, modified scripts, assessments, cultural surveys and more. We offer team or individual play, which allows participants to collaborate or work at their own pace.

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VIVIDA offers customisation options for making escape rooms and interactive stories more relatable to your organisation. Include your own presenter, tailored scripts, assessments, cultural surveys, and more.

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Insights dashboard

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An interactive insights dashboard provides detailed analysis of participant performance and progress, allowing you to track the effectiveness of the training and identify areas for improvement and develop future strategy.

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Engaging content

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Our online escape room is both educational and eye-opening, with relevant and engaging content, and automated facilitators available at every step of the way, that helps participants understand the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace

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Our experiential learning platform is designed to be accessible for all participants.
VIVIDA provides customisable experiences that can be adapted to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities. This ensures that everyone is able to fully participate and benefit from the training sessions.

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And find out how we can help transform
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